Break the mold.

All TV used to be live. But since the introduction of connected devices and streaming platforms, real-time events like sports have become a novelty.

Don’t let the “TV timeout” be an excuse to run standard 30-second video spots. Make your ad slots informational and engaging with Live by true[X].

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What We Guarantee


Viewers can interact


30-seconds spent

No Bots

100% bot free


100% viewability

Customizable Engagements

Fantasy Sports Stats

Network Engagments

Show Questionnaire

Branded Takeover

How You Benefit

Variable Pod Ownership

Don’t want to share your voice during the break? Take the entire pod.

Advanced Branding

Additional branding opportunity with background takeovers, interactivity, and more.

Better Experience

Put viewers in the driver seat and let them tell you if they like your ad – or if you should move along.

Coming Soon

While this Ad Format is still in the works, you can browse the others in our interactive showcase.