Premium ad solutions for the attention economy

Explore TrueX’s engaging ad experiences that reward consumers for their time, attention, and privacy and deliver true impact across the entire customer journey.

Interactive Ad Products

For Video Publishers

You put everything into producing your content. Why deliver anything less in your ad experiences?

Sponsored Ad Break

Reduce commercials in the mid-roll break with opt-in engagement ads for real humans. What a concept.

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Some stories take more than 30 seconds to tell. Give consumers the choice to continue interacting with a single brand narrative and gain 100% share of voice.

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Sponsored Stream

Kick off an uninterrupted viewing experience at the beginning of your content when viewers are most engaged.

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Commercial Free For Short Form Video

Offer your viewers a chance to go commercial-free for their viewing session as they bounce between videos, games, and highlights.

For Content Behind a Paywall

There’s a better way to support quality journalism than banner ads in every nook and cranny of your site. Exchange access with a little attention.

Article Access

Grant access to articles behind the news paywall and monetize non-subscribers with a lighter ad load.


Metered Access

There’s nothing more frustrating that clicking on a news link from social, only to be block from the content. Fix that here.


For Wifi & Games

Give the people what they want in exchange for a little of their time and attention.

Wifi Premium Access

Consumers love being online. Grant Wifi access at your venue, airport, or store through engagement-based access.


Gaming Benefit

Reward players with interactive experiences like the ones gamers are used to. Fun, engaging, and focused.


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CTV ads have only been available for pre-recorded content… until now. TrueX Live brings engagement advertising to the masses during real-time content like sporting events.

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Flexible frameworks that are fast, effortless, and proven. Choose your objective, upload your creative, and launch - or have our in-house Creative Studio build the units for you.


Drive top-of-funnel movement with guaranteed attention and CTR with light interaction opportunities.

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Little data is as useful as understanding how users think and feel. Polls help you understand what motivates them.


Product / Profile Match - 50/50

Turn your campaign into a choose-your-own adventure experience with dual question functionality.



Keep storytelling in your hands as users navigate through your brand story frame-by-frame while your video auto-plays.

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Did You Know?

Use a question to share an interesting fun fact - or create an ache that your product can resolve using Q&A.


Product / Profile Match - Quiz

Questionnaires point customers to the exact product in a well-branded and interactive quiz engagement.


Multiple Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video's worth a million, what are multiple videos worth?



Add interactive and shoppable hotspots to any engagement for a layer of customization and detail.



Looking to blow away the competition, impress your clients, and win some awards? Look no further.

Multi-Screen Experience

Pull your experience through the TV and into your viewers hand with multi-screen.


Interactive Games

Go beyond the click. Raise that controller and shake what your momma gave ya!


Voice Activation

Don’t just show, tell. Have your audience control their experience with voice.


360° Video

Explore a fully-immersive video that puts you in the driver’s seat.


Branching Logic

It’s like your favorite choose-your-own-adventure book… in interactive ad form.


API Integration

Feed real-time data into your ad experience to up-level your relevance.


What is value exchange?

As an advertiser, the thing we desire most is human attention. As consumers, our most valuable asset is our time.

TrueX engagement ads optimize for both groups by reducing the number of ads a consumer sees in exchange for their undivided attention.

Stop paying for impressions and start optimizing for engagements with your brands from the leading interactive group available.


Not all attention is created equal.

Industry standards still dictate that an ad has been “viewed” if 50% of the unit pixels were seen for at least two seconds.

That’s a low bar, hardly enough to make an impression — and it’s led to a media landscape overstuffed with inexpensive, interruptive ads.

TrueX knows that premium, long-form video offers the best consumer attention. We’ve built advertising that respects those publishers’ standards of quality while simultaneously giving consumers the option to reduce ad load.

The result is a better user experience and better ROI for publishers.