Sponsored Stream

Get started on the right foot.

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favorite show – only to be bombarded by 3 or 4 static video ads.

Served pre-roll, Sponsored Streams allow you to own viewer attention before their show starts. These Ad Types are a part of all standard TrueX campaigns.

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What We Guarantee

Opt-In Only

Selected by user


> 1 interaction


30-seconds spent

No Bots

100% bot free


100% viewability

How You Benefit

100% Stream Ownership

No sharing your voice during the commercial break. It’s all yours.

Branded Reminders

Brief but powerful mid-stream reminders of the brand they interacted with at the start.

Better Experience

Reduced ad load means fewer interruptions and a better streaming video experience.

See It in Action

Watch this Ad Format and others in our interactive showcase.