Interactivity breeds opportunity.

Given the choice, some viewers will simply select the path of lesser resistance.

And when that path is taken, brands with an extended story to tell have their shot via high-quality attention, giving your long-form video 100% share-of-voice.

Available On

Selecting a regular commercial break activates the XtendedView experience of a long-form video spot with no other advertisers in the pod

What We Guarantee

Opt-In Only



> 1 interaction


60-90 seconds

No Bots

100% bot-free


100% viewability

How You Benefit

100% Pod Ownership

No sharing your voice during this commercial break. The mic is yours; take it away.

Long-Form Video

Ditch the traditional 15- and 30-spots. Tell your brand story in a length and format that makes sense for you.

Elicit Action

Combined with advanced features, XtendedView provides the time and functionality to truly engage.